The Reel Wivenhoe Classic-

Rules and conditions of entry:

The tournament is a Teams event, 1 entry fee per team. The person registering each team will be nominated as Captain. The Captain is held responsible for team actions. The Captain also carries automatic registration for next years event.

Individual entries will be accepted for 1 adult and up to 1 child (still classed as a team)- all other entries should be team entries

Team- teams can consist of 1, 2 or 3 adults. Unlimited children under 16 (over 16 classed as an adult)

Payment in full before registration is accepted- no exceptions

Online registration form must be submitted for entry to be accepted

Re-funds offered at Tournament operators discretion only 

The person registering each team will be nominated as Captain.

The Captain is held responsible for team actions.

Team captain must be at least 16 years of age

Team captain carries registration renewal preference for next year

Renewal preference for following year must be in 2 weeks after current years tournament or that position will be made available

Fishing is permitted from boat or shoreline access points only

All current fishing and boating rules and regulations apply

Fishing methods are: Cast and retrieve all lures, Trolling all lures

Team scoring- not individual, Individuals score as a team

4 or less rods in use at one time per team

3 sessions- 1 Saturday morning, 1 Saturday afternoon, 1 Sunday morning

Start and finish times to be confirmed at briefing

Briefing must be attended or you must advise staff you will still be fishing if not at briefing

Tournament has 5 categories: 

1) Total NUMBER of legal fish- most fish wins (Bass and Yellowbelly)

2)Biggest Bass  

3)Biggest Golden Perch

5)Random nominated length

It is up to each team to correctly record each catch (Phone or Camera- photos to be available upon check-in of each session and at tournament directors request throughout the tournament)

Fish to be identified/photographed on approved measuring device only with ID tag visible

Each team responsible for obtaining correct measuring tag before the beginning of each session

Team Identification tag must be shown in photo of each recorded fish

All fish recorded must be of legal size (measured to the tip of the tail)

Entries for Biggest fish must be recorded on sheet, photographed on measuring device with ID tag to clearly show recorded size and indentified upon check in.

Courtesy is a MUST.    

Any boat attempting to deliberately disturb another boats path will be disqualified.

Late check-in will be penalised at tournament operators discretion.

All speed limits to be adhered to.

Competitors must carry some form of working communication and advise tournament operators best contact method.

Incase of draw between anglers

Biggest Bass- call back to team that caught the fish first

Biggest Golden Perch- call back to team that caught the fish first

Total number of Fish- call back to most Golden Perch caught on first day, then first Yellowbelly caught, then first Bass caught

Tournament operators word and decision is final.