Back to the Future - Round 1

  April 7-21 2020

Back to the Future-

Rules and conditions of entry:

Australia wide

No Virus sharing will be allowed

Entries close Tuesday 21/04/2020 at 3PM.  

Event is an individual event, 1 entry fee per person. 

Payment in full before registration is accepted- no exceptions

On-line registration form must be completed for entry


Re-funds offered at Tournament operators discretion only- Only one refund will ever be offered to any entrant or team entry from Fishing Freshwater for any of our events


Indiviual scoring

Photo's accepted from Tuesday 7th April 2020 at 8PM until Tuesday 21st April 2020 3PM

Tournament has 3 major prize categories: 

1)Best judged Freshwater Fish Pic (Any Freshwater Fish)- Most likes for individual photo on our Facebook page wins

2)Best Judged Saltwater Fish Pic (Any Saltwater Fish)- Most likes for individual photo on our Facebook page wins

3)Best Judged water scenic pic (Any photo with water or your boat/kayak in the photo)- Most likes for individual photo on our Facebook page wins

Randomizer draws for:

1) Garmin Sounder for paid entries only

2) 2 x Garmin prize pack for unpaid entries

One photo per category per entrant only. Upload your best photo to the Fishing Freshwater app, Back to the Future event into each category (no takesy backsey's as per Tracy- Haha)

Prizes for prize categories will be determined by the number of entries. 100% payback less administration fees for processing your entry. Monies will be split evenly across the 3 prize winning categories

Winners will be announced during the week of the event finishing, on Fishing Freshwater's Facebook page  

It is up to each individual to correctly record each photo correctly in Fishing Freshwater app

Tournament operators word and decision is final.


There will be NO Sponsers, Please do not ask. Giveaways/prizes accepted but no sponser advertising will be given- This event is for the competitors and the event will not be held accountable to any sponsership. Entrants are permitted to represent their current sponsers and or promote the products they use.

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